This toddler got sick in ICE detention. Two months later she was dead.

Mariee’s story is a gut-wrenching reminder of what immigrant families have to endure in detention in 2018, as the Trump administration plans to detain more immigrant families. A VICE News investigation.


How Canada's Former 'Boat People' Are Helping Syrian Refugees

Some of the 60,000 Vietnamese who resettled in Canada after the fall of Saigon are committing  time and money to sponsor a new wave of refugees who fled violence and chaos in Syrian. 


Why 'Punk Archaeologists' Are Headed To North Dakota

 Archaeologists often find themselves studying cultures from a long time ago, at dig sites far away. But one unique crew is researching their subjects live -- thanks the Bakken oil boom.

Where Do ISIS-Looted Antiquities Go? 

Probably someone's basement. For a long time. 

The Archaeologist Who Studies 'World of Warcraft'

Archaeologist Andrew Reinhard has worked on digs and excavations around the world, but his latest project requires no shovels, brushes or chisels. All he needs is a game controller.



Drugs and Money in the Sahara: How the Global Cocaine Trade is Funding North African Jihad

Black flags, white lines. 

Operation Mummy's Curse

Federal agents found the sarcophagus in a Brooklyn garage. We unwrap the story of globetrotting art dealers, local smugglers and billion-dollar black markets. 

Nigeria’s 'King of Guns'

How one man is fighting Boko Haram with an ancient network of vigilantes.

Marriage Under Boko Haram

For women living in occupied villages, marriage isn’t proposed, but threatened.

Boko Haram: More Criminal Than Caliphate

Those who have met them say their work has nothing to do with Islam.

Fleeing Boko Haram, Making Ends Meet

Nigerians on the run from violence are getting entrepreneurial.

Higher Education

U.S. law schools are starting to teach the weed business.

Guardians Of The Ganja

Military vets have found a unique opportunity in legal marijuana.

Curse of the Nigerian Prince

Nigeria’s online entrepreneurs are fighting a stereotype as old as email.

Hemp Economics

There are other lucrative things to do with legal cannabis than smoke it.

Cutting Off Islamic State Income

The U.S. Treasury has been fighting the group on a different front — finance.

Patenting Ebola

Why the U.S. government is trying to patent the Ebola virus.

Sandy Woes Continue For Poorest Residents

Two years after the storm, low-income communities continue to suffer.

Terrorist Finance: Moving Millions Without a Trace

They don’t exactly use ATMs.

China Sending Troops To South Sudan

Why Chinese involvement isn’t just about peacekeeping.

Hacking Ebola

Big Data is helping researchers fight the deadly disease.

Al-Shabab’s Finances

The group’s network is complicated and lucrative.

China’s Ebola Fight

Why China is sending medical aid to West Africa for the first time.

Ebola Research From The U.S. Defense Department

The U.S. government has been spending much more than pharma companies.  

The Problem With Mes Aynak

An ancient city, a Chinese company and 5.5 million tons of copper.

Ferguson Protesters Demand Lasting Change

The gas is gone but the hot air remains.

Ferguson Residents Caught In The Middle

Amid growing protests, some locals are just trying to get to work.

Growing Up Black In Ferguson

“You just say, yes sir, no sir, and cooperate.”



Growing Up With Gaby Hoffmann

“She was pretty much a devil of a kid.”



The Guardian of the Chelsea Hotel

Tales of the Chelsea are legend, but someone had to manage the front desk.



Bronx Artists Protest Eviction

The artist collective decided to make their voices heard — with a rap battle.

Facilitating Democracy for $200 A Day

For many, election day is always profitable no matter who wins.



New York’s Tourism Tricks

Nice airports, low taxes and attractions are key for the city’s development.



The Marathon-Running Travel Agent

He’s organized races from Kilimanjaro to the Great Wall of China.