Kathleen Caulderwood is an award-winning visual journalist based in Brooklyn, New York.  

Currently, she works at VICE News, where she produces and shoots short documentaries for the web, covering everything from domestic counterterrorism and the Kashmir conflict to California's bee theft epidemic and a homeschool prom. 

Her photo and video work has previously been published by Al Jazeera, the Guardian, MSNBC, Agence France-Presse, the Village Voice, Mashable and other outlets. 

Last year, she was part of an eight-person team that won the 2018 Front Page Award for Online In-Depth Reporting, for her work on the video and photo elements of "Life After Deadly Force," a VICE News investigation into people who were shot by police and survived. She was also a jury member for the 2018 the Digi60 Documentary Competition held in Ottawa, Canada.